OutaRoad Audio Review

Artist: Yowon
Song: I care for you
Producer: Bad Company

'I Care For You' by Yowon who hails from Jamaica has the crossover appeal that might propel his career on the international scene.

In a musical era where melodious, hooks and witty lyrics are key ingredients to creating a hit, Yowon scores big with this track. It is a cool combination of Roots rock reggae and R&B, which he dissects with a hardcore dancehall flow. His international appeal also lies in his tasteful use of auto tune on the chorus, which is often overused by many singers making their voices sound generic.

However, what makes this song stand out is Yowon’s lyrics that will win over any listeners ears with lines like;
"My love a di real thing,
it genuine like alligator skin,
If a month pass and mi nuh si yuh kim
“Mi get slim like a Rasta weh deh pon fasting”

Them seh - my love for you is infatuated,
through mi climb a macka tree for yuh naked,
kill Goliath true mi love you like David”,

This simple shows that Yowon's lyrical prowess is definitely a force to be reckoned with and he understands the musical climate he is competing in.

Without a doubt, Yowon is an artist to watch for in the near future as there is currently a need for variety on the world music audio review gives this song four out of five stars.